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An original colorway inspired by hypebeast. The OG of the OG, this colorway was originally ran by Signature Plastics before being made by GMK.

The set is newly manufactured by GMK in Germany with the original Cherry equipment.  GMK is known for using high quality materials to ensure longevity in its products.

This is created with Cherry’s original double-shot molding equipment using the highest quality ABS plastic.


  • Base
  • Cherry Profile
  • 1-1-2-3-4-4
  • Icon + Text
GMK Colors Base Color Legend Color
Alpha Keys 2M DY
Modifier Keys CC TU2
Purple Accents DY TU2
Teal Accents  TU2 DY


Please refer to the keymap for all the keys included (the photos showcase the actual color of the keyset - photos #4, 5)


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