Are your items in stock? When can I expect the items to be shipped out after I've placed my order?

Unless stated otherwise on the product page (for group buy or preorder items), an item is in stock when you can add it to cart. We will ship out your order within 2-3 business days. Should an item be out of stock, it will reflect that when you try to add the item into your cart. We update our stock inventory accordingly.

Do you ship internationally? 

Yes, we ship worldwide using First Class International, Priority International, and Priority Express International, and DHL. First Class generally takes 7-21 business days (no guarantees), Priority International takes 6-10 business days with a tracking number and Priority Express International that takes 3~5 business days with a tracking number. DHL shipping time usually ranges from 3-7 days and is insured. All delivery times are estimated and varies by country.

Are my packages tracked?

All Priority International and Priority Express International are tracked until it reaches the destination. These packages are also insured up to $200 in case of loss or damage. DHL includes real-time tracking and is insured.

For First Class International, there is no guaranteed delivery, which compensates for its low cost. So, use this method at your own risk! We are not responsible for any lost or damaged items. The number that you receive is usually not a tracking number, but a customs number.  First Class packages are not insured.
According to the USPS, tracking for First Class is only available if package is delivered to the following countries: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey.

What is a winkeyless set and would it fit my keyboard?

A winkeyless set (or sometimes referred to as Tsangan kit) is a more traditional style keyboard made popular again by the Korean community. It was first popularized by Cherry, and more people now a days are going back to the classic. If you own a modern keyboard from a big company, then it will probably not fit your keyboard. If you assembled the keyboard by yourself, then it may fit. You can contact us to confirm.

What is a mechanical keyboard? And why should I use one?

It is very simple, mechanical keyboards have mechanical switches. The most popular ones are Cherry MX type switches. Unlike rubber dome keyboards, the feel on mechanical keyboards is by far superior. The mechanical mechanism allows for lighter and a variety of feels. They also remove the need to press the keys all the way down for it to register, allowing for more responsive typing and reducing the amount of energy used.

Mechanical switches are built to last and its feel does not change over use like a rubber dome keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards are great for typists trying to remove the strain and fatigue from typing all day or even gamer's who want that extra advantage.

With a variety of switches, there is one that fits every need. 

What is the best switch for me?

There is no best switch for any one person. It is what you are most comfortable with.

  • Cherry MX Red: Smooth and light.
  • Cherry MX Brown: Tactile bump with a light weight.
  • Cherry MX Blue: Tactile click with a light weight.
  • Cherry MX Black: Smooth and heavy.
  • Cherry MX Clear: Tactile bump and medium weight.

Of course there are now more switches available. You can also easily adjust the lightness and feel by adding a different weighted spring or lubrication.  

Do your keycaps fit on my mechanical keyboard?

Most keycaps we sell are for keyboards with Cherry MX switches. If you keyboard uses them, our keys fit them. However, if our products are made specifically for other switches, the switch type will be listed on the page of that product.

The next issue is the layout of the keys on your keyboard. There are two common layouts, "Winkey" and "Winkeyless". The former is more common and can be determined by the 'Ctrl', 'Window' and 'Alt' keys being the same size. The latter is determined by the 'Ctrl' and 'Alt' keys being larger than the 'Window' key. Each keyset's product page will mention whether it is for "Winkey" or "Winkeyless" or if the set contains extra keys, which may be specific for some other layouts.

Email us at contact@originativeco.com if you still can't figure it out.

What are the Rows of the keyboard?

The row tells you which row of keys on your keyboard that the key can be interchanged with. Keycaps of different row will have a different profile and usually do not fit well on another row. 

What are the Profile of the keycaps?

Profile varies from different companies. Here is a list I compiled:

GMK and BSP Profile:

ABCDEE or 543211 (BSP)

BBCDEE or 443211 (GMK)

Signature Plastic Profile:


OEM Profile:
These are usually the default keycaps on mainstream keyboards.


For these rows, you start from the bottom to the top.  For example:

BSP's most bottom profile is the A Profile.  Their next row, where the Shift key is placed, is considered the B Profile.

Need more help?

Contact us at contact@originativeco.com.

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