MOD Switch (Linear)

$59.00 $45.00

The MOD switch was built with the keyboard community in mind. The switch was designed by the korean community. A linear switch with smooth POM stems and lubrication on the side which joins together to make a very soothing and silky feel. 

MOD-L Linear

  • 45g Actuation Force
  • Magenta Color Stem

These switches are similar to the Cherry Red. They are perfect for the light typists who needs that bit of weight.

MOD-M Linear

  • 55g Actuation Force
  • Cyan Color Stem

The medium weight has a slightly more resistance than the MOD-L Linears. The silky smooth feel almost gives it a vintage black feel. The switch has no gravely feel to it.

MOD-H Linear

  • 62g Actuation Force
  • Orange Color Stem 

The heavy weight bottoms out at approximately ~80g. For the typists with a stronger hand, the feel is almost similar to the MOD-M Linears


  • Compatible with Cherry MX Keycaps
  • PCB Mounted
  • Choice of 70, 90, or 110 switches per bag
  • Anti-Static bag

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