Stainless Steel Springs

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 These springs will help you customize your typing experience. Different weights of springs will change the amount of force required to press down each key. The springs were tested by keyboard enthusiasts to the perfect weights. 

Please refer to for further details of the springs

55g are extra light springs. These are lighter than your Cherry Red springs.

55g Slow -  Similar to MX Reds with slower curve and stability

60g Slow \\ Extreme - 60g Slow starts at 40g,  Better Slower curved than Gateron Yellows. Optimized for the tactiles and linears. 

62g - light springs which are similar to Cherry Brown and Red springs

63  Slow \\ Extreme (Exclusive Edition) - Optimized for HolyPandas and Linears.
99.5% Preicision // 0.5% Tolerance
63  Supreme (Exclusive Edition) - Optimized for HolyPandas and Linears.
99.5% Precision // 0.5% Tolerance
63.5 S  Supreme -  In the pursuit of the sweetest spot in between 62g and 65g  

68g are medium springs. Medium springs are right between light and heavy. They have a familiar feel to vintage blacks with a lighter touch

68g Slow - Lighter Vintage blacks feel with slow curve

68g Progressive - Progressive rate version (exponential curved)

72g are heavy springs. They feel very similar to vintage blacks.

78g are extra heavy, and they have a close resemblance to Cherry Clear springs, but they have a softer feedback (by ~25%).


  • Bottom out at approximately said weight of spring
  • Designed and tested by SPRiT
  • Made in South Korea from High Grade Stainless Steel
  • 100 pcs per pack
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